Our Wish List

Can you help with anything on our wish list? While this changes all the time, at the moment we are in need of the following for our Skills Development Centre:

  • a cash register for the Coffee Shop
  • 4 x mop
  • 4 x broom
  • 4 x dusters
  • 4 x buckets
  • Cleaning material for the cleaning program we would like to start
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Cutlery and crockery
  • Baking trays, muffin pans, etc.  Second hand will also be welcome
  • Coffee machine
  • 2 x Urn
  • Furniture for the garden (cement tables and benches or any too heavy to be carried away)
  • Plants for the garden to make the tea garden beautiful

And wait! There is more:

  •   A 22 seater bus!
  •   Paint for renovating our Middle Phase
  •   A stove for the Middle Phase
  •   A microwave for the Middle Phase
  •   A fridge for the Middle Phase
  •   R5,000 for a month of groceries for 10 of our families who live below the breadline
  •   Stationary
  •   Any learning aids available
  •   Blinds
  •   Carpets
  •   Cabinets
  •   Desks
  •   Cutlery
  •   Crockery


Thank you for helping us.

We are very excited about our newly developed centre, and you are welcome to come and visit us there at any time!