What would you do with R500?

For R500 you could fill up your tank with petrol and drive for about 450km. Depending on how far away from home your office is, that could mean transport to work and back for one, maybe two weeks.

Or for R500 you and your family of four could see two movies during the school holidays, popcorn included. That would be fun! There is a lot you can do with R500.

There is a lot that we, too, at the Johannesburg School for Autism, can do with R500.

For R500 per month we can change the life of an autistic child.

We can teach him skills to help him cope in this world where, without our intervention, he will remain a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. We can teach this child – who may be as old as 12 – to use the bathroom by himself. We can teach him how to greet other human beings without shaking the life out of them. We can teach him that it is not right to pin a lady against a wall when you say hello to her, even if you really like her.

And by changing the behaviour and life of this one autistic child, we change the life of a whole family, for the better. That R500 per month enables us to reintegrate a child into a family, and a family into a community. For R500 per month, in a world that is fraught with bad news, we create real-life good news stories like this one:

When he first came to the school my son Joshua could not talk, he could not bath himself… there were so many things. Since being at the school he has changed so much. I can now hold a meaningful conversation with him. He can use the bathroom by himself. The school transformed a child who I thought would never amount to anything, and it has given me some hope for him.

If you would like to sponsor a child in our school for R500 per month, SMS “help for Autism” to 0827777513 and we will contact you to facilitate your donation.
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