“To say that the school has been helpful to my family is an understatement. It has been a blessing.”

– Parent Thabiso Twala

We have two sites at our Johannesburg Hospital School:

1) The Charlotte Maxeke Hospital Campus

Our hospital school at Charlotte Maxeke Hospital in Braamfontein provides education for hospitalised children and teenagers in Grades R to 12. Teaching takes place in brightly-painted classrooms, and we have a computer centre and a custom-designed playground. Although many of the children are undergoing long-term treatment for terminal, chronic and life-threatening illnesses, they are able to learn in a stimulating, cheerful environment, giving them a welcome break from their medical treatment and their confinement in hospital wards.

2) The Braamfontein Campus

The CMI building campus at our Braamfontein Campus offers over 330 autistic and visually-impaired children the opportunity to develop essential life skills to help them function, communicate and interact socially. In order to assist children meaningfully, class numbers are small and specialist remedial teachers, occupational therapists, speech therapists and teaching assistants are among our team of committed educators providing special-needs education to children aged 3 to 20 years old.

We are the largely school for austistic learners in South Africa, and the ONLY government school in Johannesburg that specialises in education for autistic learners. All other state schools cater for mixed disabilities and autistic children are frequently denied entry into these schools because of the severity of their condition. Typically, high school autistic children drop out of mixed disability schools and end up staying at home, out of sight. Without our school, these children would not get their right to an education.